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VR is a relatively new technology, and we’ve highlighted some of the best VR games and apps already. Of course, this doesn’t mean everything created for VR works perfectly or is playable. Some of the games and apps make users sick, have poor graphics, or are buggy. These apps don’t do the various VR platforms justice and if first-time users play them could potentially turn them off from VR.

An unpolished game or one which doesn’t work well is irritating, but a game which makes you sick is frustrating and upsetting. Finding the worst VR games and apps isn’t easy, though – almost everywhere the best games are featured and written about, but no one’s telling users what games they should avoid at all cost. While early adopters are great about rating the apps to the best of their ability, users who rate five stars indiscriminately can throw the ratings off.

I read dozens of reviews and ratings for each game and app, taking into consideration what users s aid about if they felt sick, if they understood the controls, and if the game felt polished. The games and apps in this features are the arguably the worst VR games and apps right now! 

1431052690569yp2nt1n61or_1431098652971Titanic Experience

Platform: Oculus
Price: Free

The graphics feel like the game was built inside Microsoft Paint. The point of the experience is to take you through the sinking of the infamous Titanic. You can either survive the experience or die, but there isn’t a lot of instructions on how you choose each path.

The Titanic experience is on the Oculus, which is a powerful VR headset capable of showing realistic worlds. While the game is free, there are a handful of free games in which developers have crafted realistic worlds that put you inside an experience, and the Titanic Experience doesn’t do VR or the Oculus justice. Sure it’s a nice concept, but probably worth a miss for most of us.


Platform: Oculus, Rift
Price: $19.99

Caffeine has already had quite a few updates to iron out some of the performance issues it has suffered since its release, but there are still a few issues. Some users have complained of the game not loading or having issues loading under different circumstances. The game story also doesn’t feel polished, and can be somewhat confusing when you first start playing.

The idea is you’re aboard a mining ship that mines coffee. The game is of the psychological horror genre, but many users have claimed it’s not a horror but more like a comedy. There is a lack of story or goal you’ll want to accomplish to win or beat the game.

The game is far from polished, and it’s still in the early stages of development. I wouldn’t advise buying, especially for $19.99.

header (1)Orc Assault

Platform: Vive
Price: $11.99

At first glance Orc Assault looks amazing, but as you start to play you find a lot of gaps in the game. The game throws you into a tower defense style game which you have to defend from a handful of enemies trying to get through your defenses. The problem is the enemies start off tough and come in waves that are too overwhelming at first. Most tower defense games start waves off slowly and with only one or two enemies, and then increase the types and difficulty as you get a hang of it. The game didn’t try to do that, and in the process made users very upset.

There is also a small quirk in with the towers. You’re not able to control them or decide which enemies they’re attacking. If we could control the guns and take down enemies with shooting at different areas of their body, then it would be more interesting.

Even the best looking games aren’t always the shining gem they appear to be. They can be a simple game, but in VR, developers have a hard time understanding how to let you play or control the game. There isn’t any references or games made before; they’re making everything up as they go.

unnamed (1)Goldfish VR

Platform: Google Cardboard
Price: $1.00

A VR world is supposed to take you into a place you wouldn’t usually see like into a volcano or outer space. The Goldfish VR for Google Cardboard takes you into an office fish tank so you can see what the goldfish in the tank see. The app is riddled with problems that because it to crash and make it unusable at times. The goldfish look far from realistic, and more like paper. The office outside the tank can clearly be seen, but there should refraction. In addition to other glaring errors, there is a lack of filters or other water filtration systems.

The graphics are lacking, there are problems with crashing, and it’s missing some of the small details that would wrap the game up and make it all that much better. I know it’s only on Cardboard, but there are dozens of high-quality games which are free and are on Cardboard.

unnamed (2)Virtual Reality 360 Skydive

Platform: Google Cardboard
Price: Free

Getting sick in VR isn’t as common as the early days. The Virtual Reality 360 Skydiving has a long name and redundant name, but also is sickness inducing. A lot of users who have tried the game have complained of vertigo and motion sickness. I’m not sure who is brave enough to experience a skydive, but I would commend them!

In addition to the sickness and vertigo, many users have complained about the video quality. The video can be paused and lets you look around, but the graphics are grainy and many times someone else jumping is in the shots. Another big problem is perspective not holding, meaning up is down and down is up. This could cause more problems if you standing up, but also is a big because of making users sick.

Even if the graphics were better, the skydiving experience would only be for the brave or crazy.

Keep in mind, we aren’t trying to be harsh to the developers here, we’re just trying to look out for our readers. Be sure to check out the list and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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