KAT Walk Mini S to Hit VR Arcades This July

KAT Walk Mini S
Source: KAT VR

This July, virtual reality arcades will be able to order the KAT Walk Mini S omnidirectional treadmill to offer their customers a whole new level of immersion.  

The company behind it, KAT VR, has been designing and manufacturing omnidirectional treadmills for virtual reality (VR) for some time now, and they’ve successfully brought to market several products, including the first-generation KAT Walk Mini treadmill.

The KAT Walk Mini S targets arcades and industry training applications, featuring enhanced haptic feedback, increased body freedom, and a polished appearance that’s guaranteed to make customers want to try it out.

The base of the treadmill now features vibration motors that instantly react to events in the virtual world. For example, when something explodes in virtual reality, you actually get to feel the explosion shaking your whole body, and the same thing happens when you bump into an obstacle or drive a virtual car on rough terrain.

KAT Walk Mini S supports multiple types of movement, including springing and quickly backing up, which are guaranteed to come in handy when playing intense games such as The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners or Robo Recall.

VR arcade owners and business customers can easily customize the software controlling the KAT Walk Mini S and change all key settings, including the intensity of the refined haptic feedback.

Since minimizing friction is essential for ensuring a consistent user experience, KAT VR offers quick-boarding shoe covers as well as its own dedicated shoes. The first option is great for occasional users since it works with any shoes, while the latter option promises the best results.

More information about the KAT Walk Mini S is available on the company’s official website, where you can also request a price quote.

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