Here’s how you can get that new 3-in-1 HTC Vive cable

The original HTC Vive headset ribbon cable is heavy, there’s no denying that. A weighty chord dragging around your feet and getting tangled around your legs is sure to take you out of the immersion, and wireless adapters are currently only being produced by third parties. So what was HTC’s temporary solution? A new, thinner cable that has all the necessary connectors packed into a single strand, much less likely to pull you out of the virtual world.

So how can you get this new shiny cable? Here are a few options:

Buy the new cable on Amazon

While this is probably your simplest option, it’s not going to come cheap. The cable runs $39.99 brand new, which is quite pricey for something that simply connects the headset to your computer. That said, the cable is a prime eligible product, meaning you could have it in just a couple of days while having the power of Amazon support backing your purchase.

Find it here.

Get an exchange

These cables started showing up on the market after some users started filing warranty claims for damaged or malfunctioning ribbon cables that came with their devices. After users began popularizing these new cables on sites like Reddit, others started asking how they could potentially get the new adapters since at that point they had not yet hit the market. It seems that HTC is only producing these new cables at this point however, so if your ribbon cable does happen to fail and your device is still under warrenty, HTC will likely send you a new one for replacement.

You can find HTC Vive customer support here.

Purchase a new Vive

If you don’t already have a Vive and were worried about getting the new cable, don’t sweat. HTC is only shipping these new 3-in-1 cables from here on out, so unless you happen to buy a unit from old stock, you should be able to get a new, slimmer cable no problem. Purchase direct from HTC or from HTC’s Amazon page however, and you should be good to go.

Find it here.

Do you already have this new cable? What do you think about it?

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