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Don’t Miss the Humble Fall VR Emporium Game Bundle

Source: Vertigo Games Humble Bundle is back with another collection of discounted VR games. Called Fall VR Emporium, this year’s game bundle has arrived a bit earlier than usual, but we don’t think that’s something anyone would complain about. The Fall VR Emporium bundle starts at just €1, ...

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ProTubeVR ForceTube Gives VR Weapons a Kick

Source: ProTubeVR ProTubeVR, a French manufacturer of gun-related VR accessories, has recently introduced the newest addition to its expanding product line, the ForceTube haptic module. The company claims that the haptic module brings a new level of immersion to first-person shooters by ...

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Google’s Owlchemy Labs Is Working on a New VR Game

Source: Owlchemy Labs The VR game development studio behind Job and Vacation Simulator, Owlchemy Labs, has revealed its latest project. Set to release on Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets in 2022, Cosmonious High is set in a cartoonish alien high school that has collided with a flying school ...

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